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Making It Happen!

We are Creative Individuals working together to create Better Places and are vigilant towards Community's Well-Being.

We love our Country & People!

We are based in the cultural hub of Punjab - Lahore, Pakistan, that is home to Gardens for leisure and Historical Architecture for education and tourism.

Some Serious Issues we are dealing here!

Have you been grown up listening to fears of adults “aj kal ke halaat bohat kharab hain, hmaray time pe phir behtar thay aur kafi acha dour tha” … Therefore, children must stay indoors, parents should be alert about kids safety, crime rates are high stay within secured walls, keep yourself safe etc? 


Are you from generation that had privilege of enjoying street life, outdoor sports, making friends among strangers and sharing laughter under the open sky, is it hard to digest and accept the current city life and its experiences?


 We believe that time changes, conditions changes and demands also changes but accepting and giving into fears is not the admirable solution. With time, people need to change their adaptability, safety doesn’t comes from people values alone, environment and infrastructure matters a lot. What a city and its environment has to offer to its people of all age makes a huge difference.

So, Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER! Read what other people have to say about their Pakistan.

Get Involved!

Thanks for joining us!

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